Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fried tofu and a kiwiberry

The other night I had a go at frying my own aburaage. Gathering clues from Maki and Wikipedia, I sliced some firm tofu with my cheese slicer and deep fried it twice - once in 120˚C oil, then again in 200˚C oil. No luck, the hot oil just bubbled through the tiny spaces in the tofu slices, so it didn't puff up. I'm going to try again with silken tofu that I'll slice, then press to turn into firm tofu, then fry. The pressing will make a sort of skin on the outside of each slice, which should keep steam in when it's being fried in the hot oil. I think.

Anyway, I had a bunch of deep fried tofu slices, so I thought I may as well make them edible. I treated them exactly as though they had worked - blanched them to get rid of some oil, then simmered them in seasonings. Today I have one of those slices, which I've further sliced into strips, on top of my lentil salad. I also have some of the vege croquettes I had yesterday; some poached chicken out of the freezer; a cherry tomato; and a kiwiberry. Kiwiberries look like small, hairless, green kiwifruit, and taste like a cross between a kiwifruit and a feijoa.

lentil salad = 110 Cal
tofu = 80 Cal
chicken = 80 Cal
croquettes = 60 Cal
tomato = 3 Cal
kiwiberry = 20 Cal? I'm guessing.

Total = 353 Cal

It's considerably colder today than the weather forecasters predicted, so I'm not really dressed for going for a walk. Hopefully it'll warm up later on.

Here are today's shoes:

About six years old and never worn! And they're actually reasonably comfortable considering that they have a 3 1/2 inch, very narrow, heel. You can just see the bottom of the dressing on my exhaust pipe burn. It's still oozing gunk, but is getting better.


  1. Forget about the bentos!! am more interested in seeing your shoe collection all in one picture!

    BTW, nice bentos!

  2. Patience! I can only wear one pair per day. There are about three months left to go.