Friday, April 17, 2009

On target for dinner party

My kitchen at 7pm Friday (dodgy colour balance):

What a mess!

Then at 8.15pm (dodgy panorama stitching, my walls really aren't that crooked):

From left to right: chickpea curry, butter chicken, spinach dhal, pepper chicken, lamb kofta. This lot was all done by 8.15 …

… but then it took another two hours to make the tapioca balls. The bean and coconut insides were a breeze …

… but wrapping the green tapioca around them was soooo tedious. And sticky, and just plain difficult!

They're cooking now though; simmering in a very sweet syrup and looking rather gorgeous.

I've also cooked the potatoes for the bhaji, and the vindaloo ingredients are sitting in the slow cooker waiting to go. Good thing the nights are cold at present.

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