Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Salad again

I'm going to Australia on Monday, so I'm pretty much eating what's left in the fridge this week. I also achieved my (primary) target weight of 66 kg over Easter, so my salad today has a bit of proper cheese in it. This morning I was 65.5 kg, and I would really like to be about 63 I think. 66 is supposed to be "ideal" for my height and age, but that assumes I am a normal female with fat on her arse and thighs. I don't have any - I keep all my extra weight around my tummy. This is not a healthy place to keep it, so I'd like to get rid of it and be a bit lighter than 66 kg.

"Tuscan" smoked chicken = 150 Cal
1/2 avocado = 80 Cal
lettuce = 7 Cal
2 tomatoes = 20 Cal
cucumber =5 Cal
gherkins = 5 Cal
bean sprouts = 15 Cal
spring onion = 15 Cal
capsicum = 18 Cal
cottage cheese = 40 Cal
20 g feta = 65 Cal
"lite" dressing = 30 Cal

Total = 450 Cal

That's OK! I was expecting it to be quite high.

Today's shoes are geta, and were an internet purchase from J-List.

They're very cool, but I think Japanese ladies in kimonos don't go for long walks where there is gravel - I had to get the rubber on the soles replaced after the first time I wore these. The soles they come with are very soft, almost like foam, and stones just sink into it. The wood is soft too, so particularly large bits of gravel go through the rubber and on into the wood. I got the rubber replaced with strong stuff, and it cost more than the geta did to start with.

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