Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to the real world

Well, I'm back from my very long weekend away. I had a wonderful time, drank lots of beer, ate bad stuff like a hot dog and a pie and some of my sausages, and still managed to lose 300 grams. I also got a nasty exhaust pipe burn on my leg, and discovered that I can no longer party until sunrise - I crashed at 4am. All well worth it though; I caught up with a lot of old friends and talked myself hoarse.

I had to make a lunch of scraps for today - I have lentil salad (lasts for ages in the fridge); roast kumara, carrot, and parsnip; broccoli; and some zucchini lasagne from the freezer.

lentil salad = 163 Cal
lasagne = 200 Cal
broccoli = 10 Cal
roast veges = 40 Cal

Total = 413 Cal

I'm going to have a dinner party on the 18th April, as my friend Jo has almost finished her PhD. She did her seminar last week and has her oral exam tomorrow. She won't officially be Dr Jo until graduation in May, but now is a good time to celebrate - and besides that, it's time I did some serious cooking. I'm sort of thinking of having an Asian theme, with a course from each of four countries. Maybe entrées (appetisers) from Japan, soups from Malasia, mains from India, and desserts from Thailand. I'll be blogging it as well as I can - but I might get a bit busy on the actual day to remember to take photos.

Today's shoes were meant to be a black and cream pair I bought in Scotland in 2005 and have never worn, but the buckle broke when I put them on so it looks as though I won't be wearing them for a while.

These ones are some I bought for my aunt's funeral in 2003 - I had gone to her sickbed well prepared with funeral clothes, but the weather did an about turn and everything I had was far too hot so I had to go and buy more. I've worn them a couple of times since then though. They have an ankle strap which is hidden by the trousers, which are also hiding the burn on my leg - it's a bit unattractive.

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