Friday, March 6, 2009

Dumpling and egg

Today I didn't go for a walk before lunch. I had to go and buy cat food, which meant going in the car because I buy very large bags of dry food - enough to last for several months at a time. The Warehouse, which is where I get the cat food, also sells just about everything, so I always end up coming out with a lot more than I mean to. This time it was Easter eggs (niece, nephew, grandkids, workmates, all sorted) and plastic lunchboxes. Not proper bento boxes, but quite interesting ones. I'll try to use them in the near future.

Today's lunch has dumplings and asparagus from the freezer stash, runner beans again (I just love them), an egg, a little bit of carrot and parsnip, and some sautéed mushrooms.

dumplings = 160 Cal?
egg = 88 Cal
beans = 20 Cal
carrot & parsnip = 30 Cal
mushrooms = 30 Cal
asparagus = 15 Cal

Total = 343 Cal

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