Monday, March 30, 2009

Sort of okonomiyaki

Last night I did a bit of experimenting. I've been wanting to try making okonomiyaki, but have never had the correct ingredients. I still didn't have the proper ones, but I was pretty close so I thought I'd give it a shot. I used Maki's recipe, but substituted taro and spinach for nagaimo and cabbage, working on the principle that I needed slime and substance and green. In the original, cabbage provides both green and substance; in mine, taro provides slime and substance. I also used some home-cured bacon instead of pork - it's not very salty bacon, so I thought it'd be OK.

It turned out quite yummy. I've never had proper okonomiyaki so I don't know how much it tasted like the authentic version, but it is still nice. After having eaten the first one piping hot, I made the second and subsequent pancakes into a stack with sauce, bonito flakes and seaweed between the layers. A small wedge of that stack forms part of today's lunch. I also have a tomato, some cottage cheese, a carrot & parsnip cup, some smoked chicken thigh (I forgot about it smoking while I was doing my housework on Saturday, so it's a bit dry but very tasty), and lentil salad.

lentil salad = 110 Cal
okonomiyaki = 100 Cal
tomato = 3 Cal
carrot & parsnip = 60 Cal
cottage cheese = 36 Cal
chicken = 82 Cal

Total = 391 Cal

A longish walk into town to the library today too.

But not in these shoes. They're fine for walking around work, but my heels slip out of them a bit when I walk fast.

They were about $12.50 as I remember, last year from No 1 Shoe Warehouse. Made by some poor slave in Vietnam, and are actually partially leather. I feel a bit guilty, but I guess that's how economies start to grow.

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