Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green wedges

I have decided I need to wear my shoes. I'm a bit of an Imelda, but they tend to go into the wardrobe where only I can admire them, and I wear the same old flat shoes to work so I can go walking. No More. The comfy shoes can come in a bag, and I'll get some wear out of the others. I will then be forced to wear some of my clothes as well, rather than putting on jeans (winter) or floppy dress (summer) every morning.

This is a pair of shoes I bought about five years ago, and have worn once until today. The ankle straps are removable.

They are reasonably high (3") but will be easy to walk in once they are broken in, as they have quite solid heels. The tights were a surprise; I put my hand into the tights drawer intending to grab some black opaques, and these were what came out. I don't even remember them - they have to be about 20 years old! But they are fashionable again from what I can tell.

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