Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Smoked eel!

Well my visit to the Dental School yesterday was not quite as traumatic as I had feared, although I did feel somewhat wobbly after having my jaw drilled and a self-tapping screw thing inserted. They used the cutest little torque wrench to screw it in, too. They ended up not having to lift a flap of gum (just drilled through it instead), so I don't have any sutures to make eating uncomfortable.

My friend Stephen from work gave me a gift yesterday - he'd caught and smoked a large eel and brought me the tail end of it. He has also brought me rabbit and hare in the past; he hunts and fishes quite a lot.

I turned some of the eel into nigiri sushi, and made some tamagoyaki for more. Well, it would have been tamagoyaki, except I forgot I still had the gas on when I was leaving it to set in the pan, so one side of it was a little browned. It still tastes good though. And there are more beans from the garden.

rice (1/3 cup raw) = 250 Cal
~ 30 g eel = 100 Cal (it's quite fatty)
1/2 egg plus extras = 50 Cal
beans = 40 Cal

Total = 440 Cal

It always surprises me how many calories there are in what looks like a tiny serving of rice.

Autumn seems to have decided to give us a miss, we have jumped straight into the middle of winter. I'm putting my walk off until I have to go to have my jaw checked later on this afternoon.

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