Thursday, March 5, 2009

Veges, surimi, and cottage cheese

No photo of the cottage cheese though. I bought a 250ml tub of short dated "lite" cottage cheese (160Cal for the lot) the other day, put it in my office fridge, and keep forgetting to take it home. I snacked on it a bit in the last two afternoons, had about 1/2 left, and decided that today's lunch looked a bit light on Cal so I just mixed it with some seasoned seaweed and ate it.

The actual bento contains beans, carrot and parsnip chips, capsicum/onion stuff, crab stick, and sautéed slices of those little yellow round summer squash things. Scallopini. Americans call them patty pan squash.

beans = 20 Cal
carrot/parsnip = 50 Cal
capsicum/onion = 40 Cal
crab stick = 40 Cal
squash (plus butter for sautéing) = 30 Cal
cottage cheese = 100 Cal

Total = 280 Cal. Good thing I had that cottage cheese.

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