Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St Patrick's Day

More shuumai meatloaf, another kabocha cup (the last of this batch), more beans, asparagus, bulghur and Korean seaweed.

shuumai meatloaf = 140 Cal?
squash cup = 60 Cal
beans = 30 Cal
asparagus = 15 Cal
bulghur & seaweed = 100 Cal

Total = 345 Cal.

I must start getting thinner again soon, surely.

Green fingernail polish, a very fine pale green sweater, a black dress with red roses and green leaves on it, and these shoes:

I had never worn them before, and they are so comfortable. I bought them in a sale a couple of years ago; they were super cheap - I'm assuming because one of them is slightly faded. I must remember to leave the other one out in the sun for a few days to even them up a bit.

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