Thursday, March 19, 2009

High protein

I usually try to make my lunches higher in protein and fibre and lower in fat and carbs, but today I think I've outdone myself. Fibre in the lentils and carrot & parsnip cups, protein in the lentils, egg, and Thai beef from the freezer. A few carbs in the carrot & parsnip, but not much. These cups are mashed carrot and parsnip mixed with egg, then nuked until set in silicon cupcake cups - so they have some protein too, from the egg.

lentil salad = 163 Cal
Thai beef = 128 Cal
egg = 88 Cal
carrot and parsnip cup = 60 Cal

Total = 439 Cal.

Today's shoes are a recent purchase, and are very comfortable despite having heels - only 2 1/2 inches though.

They are a style with which my grandmother (born in 1890) would be familiar - in fact I remember her wearing shoes like this most of the time when I was small. They were also fashionable in the early 70s when I was in my teens ; I had a brown pair in leather and suede. And they are fashionable again now.

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