Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new box

I bought this box at Plastic Box a couple of weeks ago. It's a kids' lunchbox with compartments for sandwiches and cake etc - similar to the sort we had when I was young but each compartment is sealed by grooves in the lid. I thought it might be good for carrying bento components that need mixing just before eating. I have bulghur and seaweed in the big compartment; avocado and salmon in one small compartment; and a bit of vege lasagne in the other. I mixed the salmon and avocado in with the bulghur, and ate the lasagne separately.

A fairly calorific lunch to day, I'm guessing:

100 g bulghur = 87 Cal
50 g avocado = 80 Cal
50 g salmon = 92 Cal
5 g seaweed = 25 Cal
lasagne = 200 Cal

Total = 484 Cal

Less than I was expecting!

Today's shoes are super comfortable. I bought them in a sale a couple of years ago. They're leather with very supple soles and zips up the back of the heels; you feel as though you're wearing socks.

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