Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lentil salad

More beans and asparagus today, but I also have some chicken that I poached in mirin, soy, etc and froze some time ago, and some lentil salad I made last night. I can't remember the website I got the lentil salad idea from originally, but I use puy lentils, add plenty of fresh herbs (parsley, thyme, and marjoram in this one), then put in whatever I have that might be nice and sprinkle it all with balsamic vinegar. This has green olives stuffed with pimento, sun dried tomatoes, and pickled jalapeños. Often I'll add some feta, but that makes it a bit more fattening so I omitted it this time. I try always to put marjoram in - it goes really well with the lentils.

80 g chicken = 156 Cal
100 g lentil salad = 163 Cal
beans = 40 Cal
asparagus = 15 Cal

Total = 374 Cal

Today's shoes are quite old, and never worn until today.

They have skinny heels, long toes, and no backs so are quite difficult to walk in without tripping up. I definitely needed the walking shoes I brought to work for my lunchtime exercise. They do go well with today's dress though - a very 60s black and white print thing I made at the weekend. Well, maybe the style is not so 60s, but the fabric pattern certainly is.

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