Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Salmon & avocado

I wrote about this dish the other night in the post about making the lasagne-ish thing, it was inspired by Loretta's comment on this post at Just Bento.

Here I have, in the bottom bowl of this box, some bulghur wheat mixed with Korean seasoned seaweed (on the packet of which I can read almost nothing, so no details I'm afraid) and some salmon tartare (salmon dry-marinated in salt, sugar, and lemon zest). In the middle bowl of the box there is half an avocado wrapped in clingfilm.

At lunchtime I peeled and chopped the avocado and mixed all the ingredients together with a sprinkle of soy sauce. I ate it at our weekly seminar (very interesting too, a guy from ESR on forensic science) amidst the envious glances of my colleagues.

100 g bulghur = 87 Cal
50 g avocado = 80 Cal
50 g salmon = 92 Cal
5 g seaweed = 25 Cal

Total = 284 Cal

I may possibly have a little snack this afternoon when I go for my walk. Which will be on the way to the Dental School to have a tooth implanted - not sure I'll be wanting to put a lot of food into my mouth tonight.


  1. That looks gorgeous!
    I wonder if I'll ever be brave enough to 'run the gauntlet' and try this at home with bulghur wheat instead of white rice (or mixed white and brown rice, or white rice mixed with a little barley/mugi, our other variations). I really should!
    I'm very pleased to see this version you came up with.

  2. If you do, see if you can get some of the seaweed to put in too - it really is delicious.