Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Veges to compensate for the weekend

My monster weekend bento was a tad light on greenery, so I thought I'd better make up for it a bit today. And of course the beans went crazy while I was away, so there were heaps to pick last night. Nothing new in today's lunch though - it's all been done before.

buttercup squash thing = 60 Cal?
tomato/zucchini/onion stuff = 30 Cal
60 g chicken = 106 Cal
lots of beans = 53 Cal

Total = 259 Cal

I have somehow, despite the beer I drank and the bread I ate over the weekend, managed to lose 1.3kg (2.8lb) in the last week. I'm actually very near my preliminary target of 66kg, which I was trying to hit by the end of April! If things keep going this well I'm going to have to start making decisions on when to stop trying to get thinner, or maybe I'll just have a big dinner party soon and undo all the good work!

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