Saturday, May 2, 2009

Adelaide Pt 1: Glenelg

I got home from Adelaide yesterday. I had a lovely time seeing the granddaughters, but could have done without the nasty cold I got the day after I arrived, and which is still hanging around making my life miserable.

The day before I came home we all went for an expedition to Glenelg, the main Adelaide beach. It has a thriving café scene, although it was a bit quiet on this slightly chilly autumn Thursday. You wander up and down and around, checking out menus, until you find a place you want to eat. We decided on Europa in Jetty Rd. It was child and dog friendly, with a very chatty waiter who inspected Emily's packed lunch and opined that it was exactly what his Mum used to pack for him when he was small. She had dried fruit, cheese cubes, and "Fritz" - which we would call luncheon sausage - all in her new Hello Kitty bento box. Caitlin had some mush that smelled like plums. She's one, but still chokes on anything that's at all lumpy.

Jonathan had Penne con Pollo, which he said was delicious:

Lyndall had a pizza with roasted vegetables and feta. She said the only thing wrong with it was insufficient feta, but she'd have it three layers deep if she could:

And I had the best Caesar Salad I've ever had. It looks kind of boring, but all the goodies are hidden under the lettuce:

Once I chopped up the egg and tossed it it was wonderful; although I'm still waiting to try a Caesar Salad as it's supposed to be, with the egg coddled so it is still almost liquid and mixes with the dressing. I guess too many people moan about slimy undercooked eggwhites!

After lunch we went to the Beach House where there are all sorts of fun things like dodgems and boats and masses of arcade games. I was more taken by the carousel though. It's about 120 years old, and has recently been restored.

The horses were apparently carved by a German called Friedrich Heyn:

And of course it is no longer steam driven, but the old engine is still there:

It must have been stunning when it was going, with little puffs of steam and all the bits and pieces spinning and pumping

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