Friday, May 29, 2009

Blue boots

No photo of lunch today. I went to lunchtime Journal Club, and you'd look a bit stupid photographing your food! One really interesting but way over my head talk about how fluorescence light microscopy is becoming of much higher resolution (much physics involved), and one on new developments in flu vaccines - it seems a couple of groups have at last found effective antibodies that are against a non-variable region of haemagglutinin , which means they should be effective against several types of flu, and for a long period of time.

My lunch was the last of the pea and ham soup (you've already seen that) and 200ml of low fat yoghurt with some pomegranate molasses and dried fruit. Very delicious it was too.

soup = 245 Cal
yoghurt = 100 Cal
dried fruit (sour cherries, craisins, strawberries) = 50 Cal
pommegranate molasses = ~ 30 Cal

Total = 425 Cal

My lunches are doing quite well on the calorie front, I just have to rein in my dinners now. It's so tempting to eat potatoes and cheese-saucy things in this cold weather though. At least my weight is holding steady on the whole, even if I'm not losing any.

I bought these blue (kingfisher? teal? peacock? - I just realised all those shades of blue are birds!) boots a couple of months ago because they were uber-cheap (~$15 I think) and because I have a jacket exactly the same colour.

They're not suede, they're that microfibre fake stuff, but actually quite comfortable despite the heels (~3 inch). Will wear them again.

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