Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Late post

A b it late doing this today, work was hectic. And my new juicer arrived, so I had to try it out - but more on that another time.

Lunch was a bento again, the weather is holding up. Really there's not much nicer than a cold crisp sunny Autumn day in Dunedin - unless it's a Spring one.

I have six mini onigiri; two rolled in sesame seeds, two rolled in tamago nori furikake, and two rolled in wasabi furikake. I also have four quiches-without-pastry, some caperberries, a couple of cherry tomatoes, a bit of cucumber, some snow peas and some bean sprouts.

onigiri = 215 Cal
quiches = 120 Cal
veges = 30 Cal, if that

Total = 365 Cal

And I'm wearing some old platform shoes. They're actually very comfortable, but I've still fallen off them a few times. I think that says more about the good times they've seen than about the shoes themselves.

And I didn't realise how unkempt my toenails and socks were looking until I saw this photo up close! Must remember feet grooming. And discarding of stocking-socks when they get tatty.

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