Friday, May 15, 2009

Dhal pancakes

Today I tried out a couple of the dhal pancakes I made last night. One of them was spread with green tomato relish and grated cheese before rolling, the other was the one I didn't flip, but sprinkled cheese on the uncooked side and let it melt prior to rolling. They were both good cold, but the one with the melted cheese kept its shape better - I could pick it up whole with chopsticks and take bites from the end. The other one I had to break and pick up pieces of. The tomato relish was good though - I think the thing to do is go the melted cheese route, and bring a pottle of relish to dip it in.

I also have tomatoes, shredded cabbage, and a hard boiled egg. The egg is sprinkled with curry powder and salt today.

dahl pancakes = ~120 Cal?
cheese = ~105 Cal
relish = 10 Cal
egg = 90 Cal
cabbage = 3 Cal
tomatoes = 18 Cal

Total = 346 Cal

More blister-cosseting shoes today:

Cream suede boots. Need cleaning - cream suede is not the easiest thing to care for.

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