Friday, May 8, 2009

Salmon - lots of it.

One of the women at work was taking orders a couple of weeks ago for a Rotary Club fundraiser - salmon at $22/kg. I ordered 2 kg and it arrived this morning, looking magnificent. I'd been terribly lazy last night and hadn't made my lunch, so I decided to go and get some salad ingredients from the supermarket and cook a bit of the salmon in my office panini press.

Here's the 2 kg of salmon, with my lunch portion sliced off:

… and here's my prepared lunch:

salmon (150g?) = 275 Cal
lettuce = 8 Cal
capsicum = 10 Cal
10 cherry tomatoes = 30 Cal
1/4 avocado = 50 Cal
lite dressing = 28 Cal

Total = 401 Cal

What am I going to do with the rest of the salmon? Well I'll salt some, smoke some, gravlax-ise some, and freeze some just the way it is.

And today I'm wearing my blue Doc Marten's boots.

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