Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hot lunch today

After a string of unseasonably beautiful days (most of which I missed, being in Australia) it was miserable this morning so I decided to have reheatable lunch. I packed some of the pea and potato bhaji frittata with a couple of bits of pickled jalapeño and some of the leftover ratatouille from last night's dinner.

150g frittata = 180 Cal
oil = 150 Cal
1/4 aubergine = 14 Cal
1/2 zucchini = 10 Cal
1/8 capsicum = 10 Cal
1/4 tin tomatoes = 25 Cal
1/4 onion = 10 Cal
broccoli = 10 Cal
garlic, herbs etc. = 5 Cal

Total = 414 Cal

I dug out an old favourite pair of boots to wear today.

I hadn't worn them in years - I think I must have decided to preserve them after I had them resoled.

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