Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another vegetarian bento

My friend Yoshio and his wife gave me some little rice ball moulds yesterday, one that makes cylindrical and one that makes triangular mini-onigiri. I tried out the triangular one last night; I made six brown rice onigiri, three wrapped in nori and three rolled in toasted sesame seeds. I also have stir fried zucchini and garlic, baked falafels, and a hard boiled egg in a nest of shredded cabbage. The cabbage has a non-oily dressing containing sushi ginger juice, rice vinegar, salt, and a little sugar.

1/2 + cup brown rice = 130
zucchini = 10 Cal
egg = 90 Cal
falafels = 120 Cal
cabbage = 3 Cal
sesame seeds, jalapeño, dressing = ~20 Cal

Total = ~373 Cal

And today's shoes are some Nine West ones I bought in America in 2000.

They're sort of fabric-covered foamy stuff and very comfortable. I like the way they blend into my tights.

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