Monday, May 25, 2009

Just shoes today …

… and a bit of a landmark. Today is the first work day, since the beginning of Maki's five week Bento Challenge in January, that I've bought lunch. That's a very long time, and I'm rather proud of myself.

Today we had a lunch at the University Staff Club for one of our secretarial staff who is leaving - not something you should, or would want to, miss. I had rump steak (delicious) with a sort of rosti (not quite well enough cooked on the inside and not crispy enough on the outside either), and a caramelised onion vol-au-vent. Mostly pretty good, and a lot better than the last time I ate there. I also had a (big) glass of Pinot Noir, and am not feeling much like working this afternoon.

I bought these shoes on my recent trip to Adelaide. I really like the style, but man are they uncomfortable.

They sort of turn your ankles outwards, forcing you to walk on the outside of your feet. Very wobbly feeling, and painful after a while. Well, I did wear them on purpose today, knowing I'd not be going for a walk.

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