Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The smoked salmon roses in my cauliflower salad got a little bit misshapen on the journey to work today. They did look rather cute when I first made them, especially with the coriander leaves. In the top tier I have carrot (if there was more sugar in it it'd be caramelised carrots, as it is I don't know what to call them), chestnut stuffing balls, and tamagoyaki with pickled vegetables in it. Colourful and balanced today.

cauliflower salad = 200 Cal
chestnut balls = 120 Cal
one slice smoked salmon = ~50 Cal
carrots = 20 Cal
egg = 100 Cal

Total = 490 Cal

And today's shoes are my old favourite black suede thigh boots:

I bought them over 20 years ago and still love them. They're flat, and lace up from the knees upwards at the back.

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