Thursday, July 16, 2009

Calamity Jane …

… is what my boss called me when he saw today's shoes.

Lunch is one of last night's toastie pies, heated up in my panini press, and some pea and ham soup.

soup = 260 Cal
pastry = 257 Cal
stew = 61 Cal

Total = 578 Cal

Which is not too bad for such a filling lunch.

On to the shoes:

I had forgotten I had them. I bought them some time ago in a sale. They were very cheap, and I thought I might want them for a fancy dress at some stage. The heels are quite high, and the toes are very long and pointed. They also fit rather neatly around my calves, which would make them too tight for most people and could be one of the reasons they were so cheap. The other being that they are really rather … erm … tacky?

But wearing them meant I finally had a reason to wear this:

It is a relic of the late 60s/early 70s (which I was a tiny bit too young to fully appreciate) and I rescued it from its original owner when she was going to throw it out about 20 years ago. I have lent it to people for 60s nights, but have never actually worn it myself until today. It's thick suede and is very heavy, but really rather glorious.

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