Friday, July 17, 2009

Sandwich wrap and new very cute box

Here is another of the boxes in my thank-you gift from Maki. I love the cats and the wee paw prints on the belt and the side of the box, but it's a little small for a proper lunch. It's a snack size bento box.

That red object is a reusable sandwich wrap. I made it from the same sort of cotton material I use for furoshiki-making, and it's lined with that plasticised tablecloth stuff you can buy by the metre and put underneath children when they're making mess. It shuts with a velcro strap, and opens out into a placemat. Same sort of thing as these, although I copied it from someone who copied it from someone … etc. You know how it goes.

I used the sandwich wrap for another beef and lentil toastie pie, and the wee box for some sautéed mixed mushrooms (shitake, oyster, wood ear etc), a devilled egg, cherry tomatoes, some cumin seed cheese, a few almonds, some crystallised strawberries, dried papaya, and razz cherries.

I'm guessing this is a fairly high calorie lunch, but let's see exactly how high …

toastie pie = 318 Cal
tomatoes = 9 Cal
egg = 150 Cal
33 g cheese = 124 Cal
40 g dried fruit = 120 Cal
mushrooms = 10 Cal
10 almonds = 75 Cal

Oh my goodness this is looking bad.

Total = 806 Cal

And I'm not doing a lot of exercise in these, either:

Very cute, but not at all comfortable to walk in.

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