Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yorkshire curd tart

Yesterday the supermarket had cottage cheese in the short dated bin, so last night I thought I'd try making bento-sized Yorkshire curd tarts (careful you don't spoonerise them) with my low-fat pastry. Worked a treat! I also made little custards with tomato, feta, mushroom and onion in them - I bought a lot of mushrooms yesterday because the Portobello ones were on special. And I have tomatoes and peppadews; stir-fried mushrooms, onions and zucchini; and some "bean tikka" from the freezer - it was made from some beans cooked with bought chicken tikka paste I'm trying to use up.

curd tart = 90 Cal
custard = 60 Cal
tomatoes = 12 Cal
peppadews = 10 Cal
zucchini, mushrooms etc = 30 Cal
bean tikka = ~200 Cal (although Wolfram Alpha insists it's just 78!)

Total = 402 Cal

These old basketball boots I dredged from the back of the wardrobe seemed appropriate today:

It's quite a pleasant day, but was very cold this morning and I was glad of the extra grip on the ground they gave. My front steps were icy.

This is what the view from my front door was like at about 8.30am:

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