Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feels like spring

We're supposed to be having a high of 15˚C today - and it's meant to be the middle of winter. Something is screwy with the weather.

Same spanakopita cup, omelette, and roast veges as yesterday, but I have some salad greens, tomatoes, and tonkatsu with sauce and mayo. The greens survived being transported with the mayo on quite well.

roast veges = 60 Cal
spanakopita cup = 110 Cal
omelette = 80 Cal
tonkatsu = 130 Cal
mayo = 39 Cal
sauce = 7 Cal
greens = 2 Cal
tomatoes = 15 Cal

Total = 443 Cal

These shoes are starting to wear out, which is a pity.

I bought them in Adelaide nearly four years ago, when I was over there visiting my brand new first grandchild. Emily was just gorgeous. She was a tiny wee thing, just 5 1/2 lbs at birth, although she was full term. It's hard to believe that she's coming up four! She has made up a new song, her Dad told me last night. It goes:

Frère Jaques, Frère Jaques,
Why you sleeping?, why you sleeping?,
'Cos I'm sick, 'Cos I'm sick

Her little sister has been sick recently, and was sleeping a lot!

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