Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New box and new boots

And new furoshiki, now that I think of it - at least I don't think I have used it before. It has tuis and pohutukawa flowers on it. I don't have any salmon today, but I do have the same custards as yesterday, and the same roast veges but more of them. The other vegetable is julienned zucchini, onion, capsicum, and asparagus chunks left over from last night's dinner. All in this nice new box that was part of a "thank-you" from Maki at Just Bento. I've been helping moderate her forum since February (which is no bother at all, I enjoy doing it) and she gave me a bit of a shopping spree at From Japan with Love to say thanks. Totally unnecessary, but much appreciated. Thank-you Maki.

zucchini etc = 30 Cal
broccoli = 10 Cal
oil the zuccini was cooked in = 40 Cal
roast veges = 80 Cal
spinach custard = 80 Cal
ragu custard = ~100 Cal

Total = 340 Cal.

And this pair of boots …

… is the free pair that I got with a $50 pair yesterday. So they cost either $25 or nothing, depending on how you look at it. These are not the ones I'd had my eye on, but the ones that caught my eye while I was getting them. They're not leather, but I do like them.

I've been told they make me look intimidating. Has to be a good thing!

You will see I'm wearing a tartan dress - it is International Tartan Day, the anniversary of the repeal of the act which proscribed the wearing of tartan in Scotland for 40 years or so in the 18th Century. I don't think my Scottish ancestors wore tartan; they were from the Shetlands, more likely to have worn knitted things. And the other ancestors were Irish. But what the hell, I like tartan and we Gaels must stick together.

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  1. Cor! Love those boots, that's just the kind of thing I loooove! *green with envy*