Monday, July 20, 2009

Lucking out with the shoes!

The weather was truly shocking over the weekend; I was sure I was going to have to do a shoe repeat and wear some of my boots today. But no - it's just glorious outside, so I could wear some summery shoes and postpone having to stop posting my shoes.

My lunch has spanakopita without the pastry, bean curry, roast veges, some tomatoes, and a wedge of mixed mushrooms omelette.

spanakopita cup = 110 Cal
omelette = 80 Cal
roast veges = 60 Cal
bean curry = ~200 Cal

Total = 450 Cal. Pretty good.

Here are today's shoes:

They're Django and Juliette, and I do actually wear them quite often in the summer. I love the dragonflies on them, and they're super-comfortable.

I performed and experiment a few weeks ago. I've been wanting a doughnut-dropper and some rolling pin rings. You'd think these would be easy enough to come by, but no. Not in New Zealand. I could get a fancy-schmancy doughnut dropper for about $800 from a restaurant supply store, but that would be a bit ridiculous. The rolling pin rings, as I've mentioned before, were just unobtainable. I bought some O-rings, which worked OK, but they left black marks on the rolling pin and were only in two sizes. The Amazon shops which sell these things would not deliver to New Zealand.

Anyway, nice Chris Brown from work was going to a conference in Boston and volunteered to be a post box for me. I was a bit nervous about getting things delivered to his hotel seeing he was only there for two days, but the doughnut dropper and rolling pin rings were cheap, and it'd not be a total disaster if my timing was off and they disappeared.

I addressed them to Dr C. Brown (guest 9th-11th July) and tried to time it so they would get there a couple of days before he arrived.

Look what was on my office chair this morning:

Isn't that great? Now I know it works OK, I might try it with the odd book or something. We have people going to conferences in the States all the time.

I'm going to have to get up extra early tomorrow and whip up a batch of doughnuts to give to Chris.

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