Friday, July 3, 2009

Hearty lunch

I have the last of my batch of roast veges today, along with some bean curry and a grilled boneless chicken thigh. The beans are some dried ones I had in the cupboard; I was planning to make an attractive dish such as this nimame that Maki made. Unfortunately, releasing the pressure in my pressure cooker instead of letting it cool slowly caused the beans to sort of explode. So they were kind of mushy, with split skins. I just sautéed some onions, added curry powder, some of the beans, a few sultanas, a little water, and about a dessertspoon of dessicated coconut shavings. I simmered it until it was dry again and the sultanas plumped up. Delicious.

roast veges = ~100 Cal
2/3 cup bean curry = ~200 Cal
70 g chicken thigh = 90 Cal

Total = 390 Cal

Here are chicken thighs cooking:

I marinated some in tonkatsu sauce, and some in yoghurt and indian spices, then grilled them on my electric grill. It's part of my stove, but I usually keep it covered up. It makes the best steaks, but it's a bugger to keep clean. From the top down it has: cast iron grill, electric element, scoria rocks that get hot from the element, enamel perforated plate for the rocks to sit on, then enamel dish to catch anything that manages to drip down that far. I also have an absolutely vicious range hood. It needs to be - the grill can produce prodigious amounts of smoke.

Here is the third pair of boots from my boot shopping spree:

Cream suede with fleecy lining. Lovely and cosy, and this is one of the pairs I was watching and waiting for the price to be reduced on. They were $109, but came free with the other pair of leather boots I bought.

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  1. Gurl! you are a pro when it comes to shoes shopping!