Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's rather cold today. I went for a walk up town and to the nearer supermarket and my nose froze and ran. It's been really interesting going to the supermarket over the last few months, they're enlarging it and rearranging it and generally upgrading it. And this is all while it's still in operation. The further away one is part of the same chain (which is actually a co-operative, with independent owners) and has been finished for a while, but this one is having a more complicated makeover. Every time you go there something is in a different place and a bit more of the floor is new, or a bit more of the ceiling has been changed, or there is some more of the fancy new signage.

Pea and ham soup for lunch today - with left over corn fritters as "croutons". This is because I have no children into whom to shovel the large numbers of corn fritters you get from one tin of corn.

pea and ham soup = 260 Cal
5 corn fritters = 160 Cal

Total = 420 Cal

Finally I'm wearing my impossible to match boots.

That checked dress is the only thing I own that has the sort of butter colour of the boots in it, and I had to wear aubergine tights to go with the dress, and my son's brown flying jacket to tie in the brown of the boots' cuffs. All together it does sort of work, but boy was it an effort. I have found a couple of other pairs of cold weather shoes in the back of my wardrobe, so I don't have to abandon my project just yet. And the weather may improve, you never know.


  1. Are they wicked to walk in?

  2. No, they're quite good. Wouldn't want to go for a long walk, but they're fine for work.