Friday, July 10, 2009

Last pair of winter shoes

I have a sort of hotch-potch for lunch today. A couple of the savoury custards I made the other night, and one of the curd tarts. Then there are some slices of marinated and roasted pork under the custards; some sautéed zucchini, onion, garlic, and mushrooms under the tart; and four baked falafels.

2 custards = 120 Cal
curd tart = 90 Cal
4 falafels = 120 Cal
veges = ~30 Cal
50 g lean pork = ~80 Cal

Total = 440 Cal.

This is my last pair of winter shoes.

Unless the weather picks up a bit I'm going to have to pause my "different pair of shoes each day" until spring. I do actually have two pairs of these boots - I bought them when the company that makes them went out of business. I'd been getting my everyday boots from the Last Footwear Company for many years. They were expensive, but worth every cent; they made to measure from a limited number of styles that you could get in any of several types of leather, several colours, and with a choice of sole. They did make some for their stores to sell ready made and these were their very last stock in anything near my size. They have leather soles and slightly squarish toes, which would not have been my choice, but you can put a pair on brand new and walk miles in perfect comfort.

Maybe I can start on my tights collection? Or hats! I have quite a few hats, and the only time I get to wear them is when someone gets married. I think people would look at me very oddly if I started turning up to work wearing fancy hats though. Not to mention that they don't really fit in cars that well, and would be difficult to photograph.

We'll see what the weather does on Monday. As far as the weekend goes, I should have had 3 cubic metres of firewood delivered today, and will have to stack it all tomorrow morning. That's if the road to my house has been cleared yet - I had to come to work the long (and high) way round this morning because a tree had fallen down over the road.

This is not my photo, it belongs to retrotravelbug on Flickr, but it was taken from the road I had to drive on this morning. I was too busy driving (and not driving off the road) to think about stopping to take photos.

If I were standing where the photo was taken, town (where work is) would be to my left, and I live just on the far side of that big sticking-out bit of land half way up the right of the photo.

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