Monday, July 13, 2009

Gorgeous day today! More shoes.

And stunning shoes they are too.

First things first though, here's my bento for today. Roast chicken dinner (roast kabocha, kumara and beetroot, and a couple of tomatoes to go with the chicken) on one side; dessert and green veges (zucchini with mushrooms) on the other.

75 g chicken = 160
tomatoes = 6 Cal
roast veges = ~120 Cal
zucchini & mushrooms = 20 Cal
fruit = ~100 Cal
yoghurt = 30 Cal

Total = 436 Cal

Here are the shoes:

I bought them brand new a wee while ago on TradeMe; they're leather, believe it or not (or at least if they're not, someone has invented excellent leather-smell), and will go well with a few of my summer clothes. Finding something wintery (it's still cold, even if it's sunny) to wear them with was a bit of a stretch.

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