Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Different salmon and same custards

Today's lunch is almost the same as yesterday's, except I have salted salmon instead of hot-smoked, and I have stir-fried zucchini and onion instead of lettuce.

salted salmon = 110 Cal
zucchini and onion = 20 Cal
peppadews & caperberries = 30 Cal
oil the zuccini was cooked in = 40 Cal
roast veges = 50 Cal
spinach custard = 80 Cal
ragu custard = ~100 Cal

Total = 430 Cal.

This morning I was getting very close to the end of my shoes that can be worn in cold weather. I had to wear either some cream and brown ankle boots that go with no clothes I own, or these latex-looking, but actually some sort of vinyl, high heeled thigh boots. I bought them a while ago because they were very cheap and I thought I might like to wear them to a fancy dress party at some stage. I sort of collect costume-y things.

I am no longer quite so close to the end of the cold-weather shoes however. I got a promotional email from No1 Shoes (a cut-price chain) this morning telling me all of their boots were two for the price of one. It just so happens that I've had my eye on two pairs of boots there for a couple of months, and have been biding my time waiting for just such a promotion. Needless to say, at that sort of discount I found two more pairs of boots I just had to get as well. It's a very "booty" sort of winter this year, the shops are full of them.

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