Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Winter salads

Some of each of the salads I made yesterday and some hot smoked salmon make up today's bento. The salads could be warmed up in the microwave if it turned out to be too chilly for a cold lunch today, but it's reasonably warm for winter - we're supposed to be having a maximum of 11˚C.

salmon = 183 Cal
broad bean salad = 165 Cal
tomato salad = 80 Cal

Total = 428 Cal

And I have on my green suede shoes with gold filigree toecaps today.

I bought them years ago from a second hand shop around the corner from my house. They mainly sell china and have vast quantities of really cool old dinner sets and teasets and CarltonWare things etc etc, but they do have the odd other thing and I fell in love with these shoes. The tights matched a lot better in the artificial light of my bedroom this morning too!

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