Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mixing and matching

Made some curried cauliflower salad last night, and am having it with falafels from the freezer and broad bean salad from Monday. By the end of the week I'll have had two salads each day and not repeated the combinations. For colour in this cauliflower salad I used diced carrots that I cooked with the cauliflower, chopped yellow capsicum, and slices of snow peas.

falafels = 120 Cal
cauliflower salad = ~200 Cal
broad bean salad = 165 Cal

Total = 485 Cal.

Black and cream shoes today. I bought them in 2005 in Scotland and have not worn them before.

I did intend to wear them a few weeks ago, but one of the buckles broke when I was putting them on. Had to get both of them replaced of course - no chance of finding a matching buckle. There is not a lot of choice available in small buckles these days either - I wonder if that's because fewer people make their own things?

Finding something to wear with these shoes was a bit of a stretch. Very difficult to avoid looking like an old-fashioned bank teller. I had to add my son's flying jacket to my (late) aunt's cream blouse and my black skirt.

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