Friday, June 5, 2009

What was I thinking?

The Evansdale Cheese Factory was taking orders for their Farmhouse Brie at work the other day, $13 per half round (instead of $17). How could I resist? This morning the tearoom fridge was absolutely packed with brown paper bags containing whole and half cheeses. Just look at mine:

It's about 600 g (nearly 1.5 lb) of truly delicious and very fattening ooziness. I live by myself! What was I thinking? I'm going to have to eat it.

I made a start at lunchtime, adding a nice big hunk to my smoked salmon and two salad bento.

salmon = 183 Cal
lentil salad = 163 Cal
cauliflower salad = ~200 Cal
cheese = who knows, 150 Cal?

Total = far too much - 696 Cal, around about.

At least I'm wearing sensible shoes today (for carrying around my extra weight!):

The weather was grotty this morning and my feet needed a rest from all the heels I wore this week.

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