Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More freezer rummaging

When I had my big dinner party a couple of months ago I made extra tonkatsu and froze it. Last night I remembered to get some out of the freezer to use; it's all very well having a well stocked freezer, but not much use if you never get around to eating its contents. Unfortunately I forgot to add the sauce!

lentil salad = 80 Cal
cauliflower salad = 120 Cal
dumplings = 140 Cal
30 g tonkatsu = 65 Cal
broccoli = 15 Cal
carrot = 15 Cal

Total = 435 Cal

I'm running out of shoes that are suitable to wear in the freezing cold we've been having lately.

These are my bike boots. I think I've one more week of wearable shoes if it doesn't warm up a bit.


  1. Heart your bento box but will leave your biker boots alone!

    Have a good week ahead! And thanks for having something new for me to read everyday! Life saver thats what u r.....

  2. yah yah, I will pick up a book soon!!!

  3. I have plenty of warm weather shoes Emily - it might heat up a bit so I can wear them.