Monday, June 22, 2009

The experiment pastry and some yoghurt

Today I have one of the quiches I made with the experiment pastry, some salted salmon, olives and tomatoes, bubble and squeak made with mashed swede (rutabaga) instead of potato, a few wee bits of asparagus left over from the quiches, and some home made yoghurt mixed with dried lime-infused papaya. There are some little cheese flowers that melted on top of the bubble and squeak - I packed it hot; the yoghurt was very fresh and wouldn't be harmed by a bit longer incubation!

quiche = 100 Cal
50 g salmon = 110 Cal
tomatoes = 6 Cal
olives = 50 Cal
yoghurt = ~20 Cal
papaya = 30 Cal
bubble & squeak = ~60 Cal
cheese = 30 Cal

Total = 406 Cal

Pretty good. I seem to be losing weight again too.

The shoes are $7 Fake suede T-bars from TradeMe.

I might do something to these. Attach some sort of decorative element to the T-bar or something. They're really comfortable.

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