Monday, June 15, 2009

Food for a cold day

We're expecting snow down to sea level here today, so I really felt I needed something warming for my lunch. I have leftover chickpea curry from the freezer and basmati rice, all of which I heated in the microwave before eating. I also have a ball of miso with dried seaweed and spring onions to reconstitute into soup.

rice = 236 Cal
chickpeas = 200 Cal
miso = 36 Cal

Total = 472 Cal

And I'm coming to the end of shoes I can wear in this sort of weather - here are my suede hi-tops. Quite toasty really, even after going for a walk in the freezing cold outside.

And over the weekend I glued ~ 1400 garnet coloured rhinestones, one by one, with tweezers, to the heels of these shoes:

It was hard trying to photograph the brilliant red sparkle, but there's one there. Now I just need an opera to attend; these are not daytime shoes.

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