Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two boxes today

My little gooseberry tarts are yummy, but they don't fit nicely into most of my boxes. Today I brought an auxiliary box, and things aren't as compactly packed as usual. I have salted salmon, quiche, gooseberry tart, roast veges, and there are broad beans under the salmon etc. I also have a little container of miso for soup.

quiche = 100 Cal
gooseberry tart = 78 Cal
salted salmon = 110 Cal
broad beans = 60 Cal
yams = 30 Cal
parsnip = 40 Cal
miso = 10 Cal

Total = 428 Cal

And the shoes are some $12 ones from No! Shoe Warehouse. I mean to put pictures on them. Have to figure out how to go about it - at present I'm thinking transfers with some sort of varnish on top.

Look at what was in the parcel I got today:

All Lodge stuff; a round griddle for making crêpes and suchlike, a Dutch oven for bread mostly, and an aebleskiver pan which I figure I can use for a bunch of different things. It's amazing how many different countries make some kind of spherical pancake. It'll be fine for takoyaki, for instance - when I find some octopus.


  1. It doesn't "work" as such. It's just like a big cast iron casserole dish, you put it in your oven, or on an open fire. If you put it on a fire you can cover it with hot coals so it heats from all directions. It's good for making bread because it keeps the steam in (making the crust yummy) and it holds heat evenly.