Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More salads & dumplings

I made a batch of lentil salad last night. I put the last of a bottle of pickled jalapeños in it so it's quite spicy; I'm coughing and spluttering all over my computer. I have the rest of the tomato, avocado, and zucchini salad I made on Monday, and a couple of dumplings from the freezer. I made them back in April (or even March) and forgot I hadn't finished them.

lentil salad = 163 Cal
tomato salad = 80 Cal
dumplings = 160 Cal

Total = 403 Cal

And I'm wearing these shoes for the last time I think:

I've kept them for far too long, but I used to wear them a lot 25 or so years ago. They've seen some good times, and I had one of the heels re-covered when the dog I had at the time chewed it, but they're just too tatty now. I'll bin them when I get home. Nice new tights though. Got them yesterday in town. It's a colour I love and is difficult to find in tights; the nifty black paisley pattern is an added extra.

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