Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Asparagus quiche and gooseberry tart today. Along with some nice healthy veges, and some yoghurt on the tart but under its little star top. The gooseberry tart is sitting in a foil cup to protect it from the roast parsnips on which it is sitting. I'm amazed at how well the yoghurt travelled too.

quiche = 100 Cal
gooseberry tart = 78 Cal
broad beans = 60 Cal
yams = 30 Cal (a total guess, NZ yams are not in any database I can find)
parsnip = 40 Cal

Total = 308 Cal.

Very good indeed.

And look at these shoes:

I have to admit I only wore them for the morning. They have five and a half inch heels - a bit of a hidden platform as well, but they are really very very steep!

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