Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New shoes, and I remembered the sauce

Tonkatsu and a dumpling and laksa custard today, and I remembered the sauce for the tonkatsu. It's in that cute little elephant bottle that Mutsuko (a friend at work's wife) gave me.

lentil salad = 80 Cal
cauliflower salad = 100 Cal
dumpling = 70 Cal
laksa custard = 100 Cal
30 g tonkatsu = 65 Cal
broccoli = 15 Cal

Total = 430 Cal

And today it is a little warmer, so I'm wearing these brand new shoes.

They need to be worn with flesh coloured sheer tights, which is why I've not worn them since I bought them. It's been too cold.

I'd had my eye on them for the last three months or so, but didn't want to pay $125 for them. At last patience and frequent visits paid off, and I got them for $85 last week.

At last count I've had five people at work compliment me on them, not all of whom are women!

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