Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Snowed in today

People in snowier parts of the world will laugh at this, but we've had a couple of inches of snow, and everything has shut down. We get snow only once every two or three years, so no one uses snow tyres, only skiers own chains, and the city's infrastructure is just not set up to cope with snow. We're also quite hilly, as you can see, and I'm too scared to drive down my road in case I slip into the sea. There are no buses running either, so I'm not at work today.

This is my back yard and the farm over the back fence:

With cold sheep trying to snack on toi toi (pampas grass):

My poor vege garden:

And the view down the hill to the harbour:

But I had made my lunch last night, so I ate it at home. I have tomatoes, zucchini curls, tamagoyaki with spinach, roast parsnip and kabocha, a bit of brie, and some apple crumble:

tamagoyaki = 110 Cal
zucchini = 10 Cal
tomatoes = 6 Cal
kabocha = 40 Cal
parsnip = 30 Cal
brie = 60 Cal
crumble = ~200 Cal

Total = 456 Cal

But I've done absolutely no exercise today, and I'm eating cheese and onion Breton galettes for my dinner. I can just feel the inches going on.

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