Friday, June 19, 2009


Maki Mono, my favourite local sushi/bento shop, sells a sushi roll which contains tempura prawns. It's delicious - not at all oily, and very crisp. This made me believe I could make tempura (prawns and zucchini) which would be equally delicious cold in my bento.

Not so.

Not repulsive; edible, but just a bit too oily for me. And it was amazingly crisp and yummy when it was hot too! Oh well, you live and learn.

prawns = 22 Cal
batter = 80 Cal
oil = 50 Cal
olives = 15 Cal
zucchini = 12 Cal
kabocha = 60 Cal
parsnip = 50 Cal
crumble = ~200 Cal
1 tsp mayo = 35 Cal

Total = 524 Cal.

Really cheap shoes. Started at $30, were reduced to $20, then had 40% off that.

I bought them with the intention of doing something to them - adding flowers or feathers or sequins or beads or something. I quite like them how they are though.

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