Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Egg, spinach, and bacon, and some tempura.

I didn't intend to make this for dinner tonight …

… but I made a spinach and bacon omelette for tomorrow's bento (just ordinary omelette, not tamagoyaki) and the smell was getting to me. I started off the same as I started the omelette - sautéed the bacon until it was crispy, then added the chopped spinach and wilted it - but then instead of using it as a filling for an omelette, I made a depression in it, broke an egg into the depression, covered it, and turned the heat to very low for about five minutes. Delicious. Would have been more delicious with Hollandaise, but you have to make a few sacrifices in the name of health and beauty.

So to make up for not eating fattening and delicious Hollandaise, I made prawn, zucchini, and broccoli tempura. All just so I could have the little crispy bits of leftover tempura for the next time I try making okonomiyaki. And to try out my new tempura flour.

I was very good though - I didn't eat much of it. I'll ration it out to myself tomorrow and the next day. What I did have though, I had with kewpie/QP mayo - and it was scrummy.

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