Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fish pie

I've been flat out today; one of the lecturers is off to a conference on Saturday and all of a sudden decided he needed a fancy poster made. It is a race to publish some new structural data. All to do with photosystem II, and a protein called Psb27. No time for a walk, and no time for lunch until the poster was finished - at about 2pm. The stress was getting to me so much I got the shakes. However, it looks great, and will be printed on fabric so Julian can fold it up in his luggage. After the conference he plans to cut it up and use it for place mats!

I have the last gooseberry tart, and another quiche and some potato-less fish pie. There are parsnips under the tart, and cabbage and onion stir-fry left over from last night's dinner.

quiche = 100 Cal
gooseberry tart = 78 Cal
fish pie = 130 Cal
cabbage and onion = 30 Cal
oil the above were cooked in = 30 Cal
parsnip = 40 Cal

Total = 408 Cal

This is my second pair of granny shoes:

They're a little higher than the other pair (I wore them a couple of months ago) and a little less comfortable. But they also have a more attractively shaped heel - which of course you can't see in this photo!

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