Monday, June 29, 2009

Salmon and custards

I made some custards yesterday in the oven when it was cooling after I baked some bread to take when I went out for dinner. I made some from egg mixed with ragu Bolognese and sautéed capsicum and onion, and some from egg mixed with garlic and spinach. Each had a sliver of Ramara cheese either in or on it. Ramara is a smelly washed rind cheese with a creamy mild flavour. I bought some from the short dated bin at the supermarket to try out - rather nice. I also made a batch of roast kumara, parsnip, yams and carrots while the bread was baking. Some salad and salmon completes this bento.

hot-smoked salmon = 110 Cal
lettuce = 0
peppadews = 20 Cal
mayo = 40 Cal
roast veges = 50 Cal
spinach custard = 80 Cal
ragu custard = ~100 Cal

Total = 400 Cal. Pretty good, considering how yummy it was.

I'm wearing these Dreamwalker ankle boots today because it is cold.

They are very comfortable, but make my ankles look fat so don't get worn often. They are also a size 9. I take a size 7 and they fit perfectly, so no wonder they were on special when I bought them.

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